Bieje Bieje In Love 
Heart Centered Dance Instruction

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Bieje Chapman

Dancer, teacher, flying mermaid

      My first dance partner was my dad who taught me to never fear the air and to trust the person you're with.  When I began attending arts high school and life became amazing and heartbreaking at the same time, this ability to trust the dance and eventually in my self kept me going.  Although I have been a professional singer, dancer & actress, off-off Broadway, Summer Stock, Opera, Ballet Companies,  I have always returned to the dance as a way to connect to myself and to others, to hide, to speak when I couldn't verbalise anything, So when I experienced a career ending injury 9 years ago I was crushed to think that my one solace was taken away from me forever.   That's when I discovered a new love for my teaching.  It has been amazing to see my students lives affected by the power of dance when it's taught from the heart.  I suddenly realised that it was my calling to share the message of love through movement with others.  By teaching the teacher learns!   I have been brought back to life again through the art of teaching.  My heart opened up again and I trusted the universe again because my students trusted this and trusted me.  It's been a interesting journey.  Now, I teach AND dance (back in the studio and feeling great!)  My heart is filled to brimming every time I watch my wedding couples finally do their dance and completely shock their family and friends, when I see my young ballet students understand that the dance is within them and not without, when my adult students feel giddy in the movement like children again.    I LOVE WHAT I DO! 

If you'd like to see what I'm up to as a performing artist or would like to support the Awakening Artist show: Artists Awakening to their divine creativity  follow the links above:)