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Justine & Mike


    We haven't seen a video of the dance yet, but we felt great doing it and our guests gave us the best feedback. Thank you so, so much for making it happen! We're close to landing in Hong Kong for our layover and then we're off the radar till April 30, but we wanted to give you an update and let you know that we'll share more pics and video when we're back in NYC! 

     Attached is a pic our photographer took when we were practicing the dance in a secluded space. The image came out beautifully!  Happy April. You're a hero! 

Mike and Justine 

Elana & Sean 

Rockaway Queens, NY

      "I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help.  We are both reserved and don't like being the centre of attention at parties so we were dreading our first dance, but after working with you we both felt at ease and enjoyed our time together at our wedding.  Our lessons served as a weekly date night and helped us remain connected to our love for one another.  We'd love to work with you again."


Richard Marsden

Ballet Master Teacher

March 5, 2016

Dear Sir or Madam:

       Please accept this letter as an affirmation of my recommendation for Bieje Chapman to join your organization. This endorsement serves not just for her impressive teaching aptitude but also her vast dancing facility.

My name is Richard Marsden; I am a former New York City Ballet dancer and have been at Ballet Arts Center for Dance in New York for over 7 years. During this past year, I have had the pleasure of teaching and coaching Bieje in my weekly classes and performance workshops. From day one, she has stood out with her impressive ability to pick up steps and combinations quickly and then demonstrate for others. She has a wonderful, natural ease in her dancing and this resonates in the manner in which she instructs fellow students. Her outgoing and positive demeanor, along with her encouraging nature, enables the class (of which there are participants of all ages and levels) to feel confident in their bodies and skills creating an atmosphere conducive to fostering talent.

       Bieje is truly a natural in the field of dance. I have seen hundreds of students during my time as a teacher and very few have the proportion for performing and teaching like she does.  It has been my honor to work with her, and I trust she will leave the same indelible mark as your employee.

Very truly yours,

Richard Marsden

Jennifer and Jon Mulhern

Babylon, NY

       "Bieje is a fantastic instructor for 

couples with all levels of dance training.

  She is a positive, encouraging, and 

experienced instructor.  My fiance', who 

is not a dancer, now LOVES ballroom 

dance because of her!  We can't wait 

until our next lesson!" 


Marissa Glenn

Toledo, Ohio

"I have never been to a 

wedding before where I was not only able to 

learn a new style of dance, but alsomeet so many 

other family members and friends of the

bride and groom. Bieje was able to gain the attention of the entire reception, teach enough swing steps to make everyone feel like dance pros, and by having us switch partners, gave everyone the chance to mingle and enjoy the evening together. What an amazing time we all had! 

Thanks, Bieje!"

Allison M. DeVane

Brooklyn, NY

     "It was such a great idea to have a dance

 lesson at a wedding reception to relax people

get them moving with confidence, mingle and 

get out of their comfort zone.   Bieje's instructions were  clear and great for movers 

and non movers.   As the class progressed she encouraged everyone to work to their own 

comfort level and even picked people out to demonstrate what they had learned.   By 

the end everyone was laughing, smiling and having a great time."


Justin & Julie


      "It went incredibly well.  Happy bride!  Looked great, tons of compliments.  Thanks for the help and building our confidence.  Really a great experience!

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